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Welcome to Rochdale Pilates & Yoga Studio

Wellness for Real People

 The team behind RP&Y is dedicated, experienced and forward-thinking. We tailor our classes to our members, using our combined 27 years of experience to cater to any and all specific needs.​We’re always learning and evolving, honing our skills in new techniques as they are developed. This allows us to deliver the very best in yoga, pilates and wellness and we’re the only studio to offer reformer pilates in the area as a result. ​Our team offers a range of classes designed to appeal to all abilities. Everyone is welcome here: we pride ourselves on our ability to make visitors feel immediately at home.  Our classes are personal, supportive and never competitive. As a result, so is our community.​​Unwind and build movement into your routine, sustainably.This will be the exercise class you can actually look forward to taking.​

Studio & Online Sessions
Real Pilates, Fitness & Yoga for Real People.

 ' It's all about balance '


7.45am - 8.15am Balanced Bodies - Online

8.45am - 9am Walking 4 Wellbeing - Online 

9am - 9.55 Reformer Pilates & Equipment - Studio

10am - 10.50am Mixed Ability Pilates - Online & Studio

11am - 11.50am Back Care & Beginners - Studio

12pm - 12.55pm Reformer Pilates & Equipment - Studio

5.15pm - 6.15pm Beginners Yoga - Online & Studio


6.30pm - 7.20pm Mixed Ability Pilates - Online & Studio


7am - 7.55am Reformer Pilates & Equipment - Studio


8.45am - 9.30am Yin Yoga - Online


9.30am - 10am Weights 4 Wellbeing - Online 


10am - 10.55am - Reformer Pilates & Equipment - Studio

11am - 11.55am Reformer Pilates & Equipment - Studio


5.15pm - 6.05pm Advanced Pilates - Studio 

6.15pm - 7.05pm Yoga 4 Fitness - Online & Studio

7.15pm - 8.10pm Reformer Pilates & Equipment  - Studio


7.45am - 8.15am Balanced Bodies - Online

8.45am - 9am Walking 4 Wellbeing - Online

9.30am - 10.20am Body & Mind - Online & Studio

10.30am - 11.25am Reformer Pilates & Equipment - Studio

5.30pm - 6.20pm Mixed Ability Pilates - Online & Studio

6.45pm - 7.35pm Beginners Pilates - Studio 

8pm - 8.55pm Reformer Pilates & Equipment- Studio


7am - 7.55am Reformer Pilates & Equipment - Studio

9am - 9.55am Reformer Pilates & Equipment - Studio


10am - 10.50am Mixed Ability Pilates - Online 

5.15pm - 6.15pm Back care - Studio

6.15p - 7.10pm Reformer Pilates & Equipment - Studio

7.30pm - 8,30pm Pea in the Pod - Mama Yoga & Relaxation - Studio


7am - 7.55am Reformer Pilates & Equipment - Studio


8am - 8.30am Balanced Bodies - Online

8.45am - 9am Walking 4 Wellbeing - Online

10am - 10.45am Zumba / Dance  Studio & Online

11am - 11.50am Beginners Pilates - Studio

12pm - 12.55pm Reformer Pilates & Equipment - Studio


8am 8.55am Reformer Pilates & Equipment - studio based course (Saturday)


9am - 9.50am Mixed Ability Pilates - Studio (Saturday)

10am - 10.50am Balanced Bodies - Studio (Saturday)

11am - 11.50am Saturday Special - Studio (Saturday)

Investment in your Wellness

All sessions must be booked in advance

If you cannot attend your session we request 24 hour notice please


1 Studio Mat Session £10

4 Studio Mat Sessions £36 - to be used within 4 weeks 

8 Studio Mat Sessions £65 - to be used within 4 weeks

Unlimited Online Monthly Membership £47 

Balance Membership £67 - 4 studio mat & unlimited online
for 4 weeks 


~ Reformer Sessions ~

Group Reformer Pilates Session £20 
(single session)

Group Reformer 4 week course £70
(4 consecutive weeks)

Private Reformer Bespoke Session - From £45


If you cannot attend your session we ask for 24 hours notice or unfortunatly payment can not be transfered to a later session

~ Bank transfer information ~
Taira Booth
Account no:19534043
Sort code: 01-05-63


Classes We Offer

"It's all about balance"

It’s incredible how many people say they’d like to get fitter and live a healthier lifestyle, but aren’t quite sure where to start. That’s where we come in. Rochdale Pilates & Yoga Studio offers a fitness structure and the positive reinforcement you need, so that you can concentrate on getting your body and mind into the state you desire. See the classes we offer below, and get in touch with us if you have any questions.

Get in Touch

Mat Pilates 
Beginner, Mixed Ability & Advanced

A mat work Pilates class, suitable for all abilities, focusing on a series of movements which incorporate strength, flexibility and mobility. The exercises are progressive and safe, allowing you to work at your own pace with emphasis on technique and individual progress.

Hands on correction is available ensuring you progress through the exercises safely.

Best for;  All levels of ability including beginners and those who have been attending a while.


Reformer Pilates
Bespoke 1-2-1 & Small group

Reformer Pilates is designed to accommodate all levels of skill, strength, and flexibility. From a novice to exercise with back problems to a trained athlete, the reformer is for all bodies.

Reformer Pilates is like a flexibility class, mindfulness session, and total body workout all in one. 

The Reformers gliding carriage and adjustable springs provide resistance and assistance which can help any body regain movement, control and balance. You really have to experience to understand the amazing benefits!

​Best for; Everyone! We want people to feel freedom in their bodies and this style of training is adaptable from rehab through to the elite.


Beginners & Mixed Ability

This is a mixed ability class starting with mobility exercises before building into a flow. Dynamic in nature, this class aims on uniting movement with breath. This class focuses on as we purposefully transition and hold each asana (posture), giving your body time to engage with each muscle and move further into each posture.

Breathing techniques and relaxation will be a regular part of each class as we explore the power of slowing down and moving with grace. 

Best for: This mixed ability class welcomes those with little or lots of yoga experience.

PHOTO-2021-08-19-15-23-47 (1)_edited_edited.jpg

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a slower-paced, more meditative yoga practice.
In Yin yoga, the poses are held for a long period of time - typically from three to five minutes or longer to target the connective tissues - ligaments and tendons rather than focusing on the muscles. When you stimulate the connective tissue, it can help with flexibility, circulation, and muscle recovery.
Yin yoga can help to balance the nervous system and allow a space to quiet the mind and heal.

Full mat (blues) PHOTO-2021-08-19-15-23-37.jpg

Balanced Bodies & Weights 4 Wellbeing

There’s no set routine for a Balanced Body Class, but you can expect a thorough whole-body conditioning workout, improving strength, stamina and overall physical functionality, expanding the Pilates exercises and many other fitness principles to challenge and inspire even the most experienced member.

Best for: Those who are not afraid to sweat!

Think fitness, cardio, flexibility, core strength, weights, balls, bands... anything you can lay your hands on! with a whole lot of laughs thrown in!


RP&Y Walking 4 Wellbeing

This functional, endorphin releasing walking based session is suitable for any fitness level.

Start your day the right way and put a spring in your step with our 15 minute mood boosting, sing along session.

We average 1400- 1700 steps in just 15 minutes, it really does leave you feeling energised and ready to make the best of your day.  

Best for; This is the perfect introduction if you are new or returning to exercise and just want to move more. Equally up the anti and add a little weight if you are looking for more of a challenge.


Workshops & Sound Therapy

We offer Crystal sound Reiki workshops through the month.
Also a range of additional mind & body sessions, including foam roller, trigger point, meditation, yoga workshops, pre & post natal sessions, facia release, breath work and much more.
We frequently plan our workshops and will keep you informed via email and social media platforms so be sure to sign up.


Mindful Mama & Mamalates courses

Our 4 week courses are aimed at pre & post natal mamas.

Come and find a moment of calm with baby by your side. 50 minute gentle sessions combining Yoga & Pilates - encouraging a moment of relaxation giving mamas time to socialise in a chilled atmosphere.


Our story
Rochdale Pilates & Yoga


Rochdale Pilates & Yoga Studio is a boutique Pilates, Reformer, Yoga & Wellness Studio in the heart of Rochdale.

Your individual attention in our small classes will encourage you to restore balance, challenge the body & calm the mind.

With over 27 years of heath and wellness experience collectively our team provide a wide range of specialist sessions including; mat Pilates, back care, pre and post natal, yoga, reformer Pilates, fitness conditioning, personal training and so much more.

Over the years RP&Y has experienced and embraced many changes, we are always developing and improving our skills to remain current, safe and committed, bringing our members the best practice we can months.

Our Online Virtual allows us to deliver a blend of sessions directly into your home, helping to keep you moving and motivated.

We providing our members with the ability to participate from the comfort and convenience of your own home or join us in our comfortable, relaxing little sanctuary - the choice is yours.


We continue to deliver the message and lessons from our founder Mrs Gillian Thomas helping folk how to care for their spine and recover from injury.

We extend our warm, inclusive welcome to all, our supportive community is the reason many join & the reason many never leave.

Remember "It's all about balance"